What's New and Arriving?

Mar 14

Added Yukon Territory Law Stamps under Canada Provincial Revenues

Mar 10/21

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Added P.E.I. Tobacco Tax under Canada Provincial Revenues.  Don's see it? - Refresh your page


Mar 10/21

Continuing to add some Federal and Provincial Revenues

The Privacy Policy has been updated.  Please refresh your screen when you visit in order to see the changes.

Mar 9/21

Added new Federal Embossed Check Stamps sub-directory.  Please refresh your page to see.

Adding Canada Federal Revenue Stamps

Mar 5-7/21

Continuing to add Canada Federal Excise Tax Stamps

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Mar 2/21

Quebec Savings Stamps / La Caisse Populaire submenu added.  Products sold out on 03/03/21


Feb 26/21

Added "Federal War Tax Wine Strips" sub-menu under Canada Federal Revenue Stamps.  Continuing to add other Federal Revenue Stamps to site.  Be sure to "click to see New Additions" button and Refresh the Home Page upon every visit for changes to take effect.


Feb 23/21

Binders of van Dam material have arrived.  Stamps will be posted on a continuous basis.

1st volume to be posted will include extensive Federal Bill, Gas, Electric, Weights and Measures, some Supreme Court, Customs Duty, War Tax incl. Wine Strips, Excise, War Savings, Medicine, Postal Note, Cheque Cut Squares and a Lock Seal.  These will be posted randomly.  If you are looking for anything in particular from the van Dam set of Catalogues, please email.  The majority of stamps are in the 1st Issue.

Scott 744a, 14c, Christmas, black omitted error has been returned from Vincent Graves Greene as Genuine in all respects and can be seen here.

Feb 19/21

All 4 binders of van Dam with Canada and Provincial Revenues.  These will be posted in increments, however; stay tuned here for a more detailed description once they arrive. A Collection  of multiples and singles of Imperial Penny Postage and Canadian Covers will be in shortly.

Feb 18/21

van Dam NFT2, NSSC TT2, $2 Newfoundland Transportation Tax stamp arrived and was sent out for certification to VGG.  A very beautiful, sound copy, now to be only one of 11 known. C/V $3500 CDN - $3575 USD.