Nova Scotia Bill Stamps - Real or Fake?

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Nova Scotia Bill Stamps - Real or Fake?

Collecting Nova Scotia Bill Stamps can be interesting and fun, however; you must be aware that there are many counterfeits out there! Just seeing a normal-sized scan of a stamp is usually not enough to convince you that the overprint is legitimate. By the counterfeit examples that I have seen, I can conclude that there has definitely been more than one applying their trade to these stamps. The overprint below is a legitimate example.

Several things to note the legitimacy of this o/p are:

- The top frame line of the "N" is closed, forming a "v" or

reverse check-mark.

- The first period is leaning to the left.

- The top of the "S" does not protrude past the middle belly

of the "S"

- The left base of the "N" is longer.

There are other ways to tell, but these are the most prominent and easiest signs to look for, that the o/p is real.

The examples below are all fakes. They all differ from one another but don't follow the guidelines of the real o/p as listed above.

When searching for, or buying a Nova Scotia Bill Stamp, look for a zoomed scan of 1200dpi or greater. Usually, a regular magnifying glass is not enough. If you do end up with a fake, all is not lost. There are collectors of fakes and forgeries, so the value would generally be more than if just comparing to a regular Federal Issue bill stamp with a fake overprint.

You can find real examples for sale at Moreland Revenue Stamps.

Have fun searching and collecting!