Recent Variety and EFO Finds in Revenue Stamps and Others.

Who doesn't enjoy a find that is theirs, and is recognized by others! Everyone may have one or a few and I would like to share some that I have found or I have and am looking for a mate!

My favorite by far, is my van Dam FG19 MNH strip of 5 with two very rare errors. This was picked up in a very cheap E-bay auction along with other strips and I never noticed the "error" until I received the stamps. Simply put, the printer was setting the control numbers to transfer to the stamps and later noticed their "mistake" and erased the first two numbers on the first two stamps and corrected them.

This strip has been recognized by Edward Zaluski, author of CARIS (CAnadian Revenue Identification System) as Caris Identifiers CAG 19 M5h containing CAG 19a M2h (Where CA refers to Canada “Federal” and G refers to Gas Inspection and 19 refers to the issue of the 50¢ 1897 Victoria with Red Control Numbers. M5h refers to a multiple of 5 horizontal.) CAG 19a refers to the same as above with the addition of the suffix “a” which refers to “identify a unique variety that falls outside the criteria of the suffixes which are dramatic and usually more desirable as collector's items”.

The suffix “a” in the stamps refers to: "One or more of the numeral erased and corrected by the printer".The only known example to exist besides this one is outlined in CARIS being a single stamp with the control number 848.

The strip above is still in my possession, however; being a dealer, everything is for sale. If you are interested, you may contact me here.

A more recent find, now attributed as CARIS MBL 9D2 has a damaged plate, top left. I would love to see anymore of these, especially if in multiples. I have sold this piece to a private collector.

Another interesting stamp and possibly a variety, if others are found, is this van Dam FX26 - 14¢ on 7¢, blue overprint. MNH - Unlisted Variety "Mole on Forehead". I had originally purchased this from Deveney Stamps and it was advertised as such. If you have one, please let me know.

Stay tuned for any other postings!

Steve Moreland

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